I am an Attitude & Behaviour Adjustment Expert

This may sound a little “Arrogant” but it’s really not.

“Attitudes” = (Your current thinking and how you feel about those thoughts).
“Behaviours” = (Your actions which are influenced by your attitude).

Your attitudes and behaviours influence every person that you are in contact with each and every day, whether you like it or not.
Well so do I. The “difference” is that I ask questions that encourage people to examine their thoughts, feelings and actions (Attitudes and Behaviours).

The first sets of questions ask: “What kind of results do you want from each of your relationships both at home and at work?”
The second sets of questions ask: “Are the results that you are actually getting, the quality results that you actually want?”
The third sets of questions ask: “What are you willing to (say or do) a little differently that would get you better results in each of those relationships?”

These are self-evaluation questions.
A person will change either his/her attitude or behaviour, only if they truly believe that there is a benefit for themselves in doing so.

Asking a person to “Self-Evaluate” is the essence of “Influence”.

I have over 30 years of experience in coaching executives, managers and valued employees of mid-size and national companies.
I have found that executives and managers do not value workplace the soft-skills (People Skills).
Therefore they have not developed them within their employees or themselves.
This has proven that the biggest problem in the businesses is: “poor workplace relationships” between managers and employees.
I have also found that executives and managers do not understand “Leadership”, mainly because it too is a people skill.
Most of my work now is focussed on teaching executives and managers how to “Empower” their employees and themselves.

This is why I make the claim:

 I can change People’s Thinking
         (I Guarantee it)

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