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Each article will give you information that will help you improve your attitude and business acumen. Hopefully you can use these articles as research into “Character Building” and help with “Attitude Adjustment”. You might want to call me as well.


         Professional Improvement



            Strengthening Your Ability to "INFLUENCE" People
             (100% of what you Think, Say or Do is designed to “Influence” someone)

            Top 10 Reasons to Hire an Executive Coach
                   (There is “no cost” to explore potentials of a Coaching Relationship and its benefits)

            7 Attributes of Your Professional Image
            (Strengthen any of these even just a little will benefit you greatly)

             (Trust must be earned, let me help you strengthen your "PEOPLE SKILLS")

             (Asking to be held accountable, shows courage, strength and wisdom)

           Strategic Thinking Partner
             (An Independent Trusted Adviser. A Valued Mentor, Coach & Friend)

           Professional Achievement Plan
             (A personal “prioritized” step-by-step action plan for personal & professional growth)


           Presentation (Public Speaking) Skills

             (Research shows that people fear “Public Speaking” more than death itself)


                   Developing More Effective Business Writing Skills

             (You may understand but can you write it down so others can understand)

           Increasing Your Self-Confidence

             (Self-Confidence is a birthright. You are the only one who can take it away from you)

           Understanding Conflict Resolution

             (99.7% of all conflicts are “Power Struggles")

           The Character & Actions of an Exceptional Leader

             (Leaders of the highest Quality, lead through "Inspiration & personal connection)

           Rent a Mentor - Find a Friend

             (Mentoring: a long-term relationship focused on supporting the growth & development)

        Gathering Wisdom                                    



         Earning My Eagle Feather    

            (This is the most valuable credential a white Man can receive from a First Nation Native)

          Listen to Your Inner Voices (Training Your Mind)   

            (This is how professionals become the very best at what they are best at)



         Discipline vs Setting Priorities

            (Discipline is about Self Control. Setting your own Priorities is about Freedom of Choice)

         Failure and the Wisdom Gathered

            (My Failure that fuelled my determination to Succeed)


         Development of Mind, Body & Spirit

            (We are a full and complete human being)









                                                     Bribing or Rewarding to Control







                                                     Negotiating Differences


     Personal Improvement Workshops


       Conversations with "Doug"

           (Weekly Conversations Exploring and understand the “Mental and Emotional” parts of our lives)



                      Rebuilding After Separation Loss or Divorce

          (One night a week for 5 weeks, A safe place to Learn and Grow)

 I can change People's Thinking
         (I Guarantee it)

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