Bribing or Rewarding to Control


Bribing is an attempt to control or manipulate another person. It is an attempt to get someone to do something you want them to do or maybe to do it your way not theirs. The assumption here is that they would not do it (or your way) unless they know that there is a reward waiting for them upon completion.

The “Good Part” of bribing is that you “Might” get them to do your bidding. The question is: “How big does the bribe have to be?” You are also setting a president. You are saying that: “They never have to do things you want them to do unless you pay them”.

The “Bad Part” of bribing is that you are “NOT” controlling them, the truth is that they are controlling you. They can demand any reward they want.

Bribing is a habit that demeans both parties.

“YOU” are saying that you don’t trust or respect them. They feel used and manipulated. Your relationship is now conditional.

“THEY” will now only do for you when there is a payment involved. You now feel used and manipulated.

The problem is that you started it by offering a bribe in the first place.

Your relationship is diminished by bribes. (STOP IT!!!).

Douglas Jones


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