Developing More Effective Business Writing Skills


You may understand it but can you write it down so others can understand it?


You learned how to physically write in school.


Now that you are in the workplace, you need the following:


    To have the vocabulary to accurately describe workplace scenarios

    To know when to use workplace terminology (Jargon)

    Sequence your ideas so as to facilitate learning & understanding

    Research your audience before you write for them

    Learn how to express your ideas and passions in a professional manor

    Understand that the writing is not for you, it is for your audience

    Take feedback as suggestion for improvement not just as criticism

    Learn to give constructive feedback and not just give criticism

    Learn the art of “Listening”

    Learn to read the people you are writing for (level of understanding and receptivity)

    Sense audience response and make changes for future audiences


Writing is just one part of the Communication Process.


Let me help you understand the Communication Process as a whole then apply that to your writing.


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