Complaining is the expression of dissatisfaction, annoyance or unhappiness.

The questions are:

 ·        “How many times have you aired this complaint?”

·        “Who is listening to your complaint?”

·        “Can your listener do anything about your complaint?”

·        “Why haven’t you done something about your complaint?”

Typically “Complaining” is not just a onetime thing. We tend to complain to Any and All who will listen. In fact, if we are adamant about our complaint, we will repeat and repeat our complaint even if that person has heard it before (maybe even a number of times).

We complain for two major reasons.

First, we feel good about ourselves because we have done something creative about our complaint (and someone has listened and acknowledged our rant).

Second, we now have a potential ally against the rest of the world.

What we don’t ask ourselves is “How’s the complaining working for us?” The answer is usually “It doesn’t, but I don’t care because at least I tried.”

Complaining is about getting people’s attention, wanting something to change but not expecting to get results.

Complaining is a habit that puts you in a bad light. It is negative because people don’t want to hear the same complaint over and over. If you are a complainer, people will tend to avoid you.

Complaining just proves that you are an “Unhappy” person and most people don’t want to be around an unhappy person.

Douglas Jones




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