“Conversations With Doug”

(Exploring and understand the “Mental and Emotional” parts of our lives)

There are 4 realms to our existence (Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual). 

The Soul Café provides a safe & supportive group where you can learn, grow and begin to understand your Spiritual nature. They explore your relationships with God (your higher power), relationships within yourself (your inner child) and relationships from past lives (answering questions of our existence). It is about learning and growing Spiritually so that you can better cope with the real world such as it is today.


“Conversations With Doug” will attempt to provide the same safe & supportive group setting where we can explore and understand the “Mental and Emotional” parts of our lives. Learning and understanding what motivates you and what drives you to do the thing you do will help you to become stronger in 3 realms of your life (Mental, Emotional & Spiritual).


You might want to look at this a “Research into YOU”. Understanding yourself also helps you to understand the behaviours (thinking, feelings & actions) of the “Other People Around You”. Armed with this information (Mental, Emotional & Spiritual), you will become a stronger and more confident person. You will then understand how to improve (or back away from) any relationship you want.


I will offer to host “Conversations With Doug” when there is sufficient demand for it.


Douglas Jones (506) 386-5868

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