The dictionary defines “Criticism” as: “To be severely negative”. How would you feel if someone treated you “Severely Negatively”?

For example, telling the kids that what they did was wrong, finding fault in others, sharing your negative opinion on others, being critical about what others are doing/not doing.

Criticism usually has two pieces to it. The first part is a negative opinion (gives the reason for criticism in the first place). And the second part is a suggestion (demand) to do things differently.

For example: The job you did was lousy and here is how to fix it. (This statement is fairly mild, but you can imagine how much more critical it could be).

The objective of criticism is to tell you how to do things better (at least in m opinion anyway). Out of habit we tend to want to justify our reason for criticizing you so here is my opinion (like it or not).

If you really want someone to pay attention to your suggestion, then ask them if they would like some “Feedback”. If they say yes then they want your input. If they say no then keep your opinions to yourself.

 Criticism is “Severely Negative” (it is unsolicited advice, seldom unwanted and usually not appreciated).

 “Asking” if they want “Feedback” respects they intelligence and dignity.

And, if the feedback is also in the form of a question (What would happen if you did this?), then they are in a position to make a choice and not being forced to comply.

 “Criticism” = bad, “Feedback” = good.

Douglas Jones




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