Increasing Your Self-Confidence


Self-confidence is made up of two pieces.


    The first is, "How well you feel you did in all of the things you tried in the past".

    And the second is, "How well you think you are going to do new things in the future".


The problem with measuring how well you did in the past is, that most people measure themselves against someone else's expectations, not their own.

And of course, you will never live up to what somebody else thinks is your "Potential".


Now let's look at your self-confidence (how well you will do in the future). First let's add how poorly you did in the past and to that we add your fear of failure and your fear of rejection and your fear of looking like a fool.

Mix this all together inside yourself and you have a recipe of "Very Low Self-Confidence". Now let's add other people's comments like "You'll never make it" and "You can't just do that".


Let's review.

First you, try to convince yourself that you were a failure in the past.

Then other people agree with you.

Then you tell yourself about all of the fears that you have about trying something new.

Then the other people tell you that you can't.

With all this kind of negative Self-Talk and the negative agreement of other people, is it any wonder that most people do very little with their lives. (Or at least it appears that way.)


    Let me help you reduce the impact of negativity of the past on you today.

    Let me help you highlight your accomplishments (and celebrate your successes).

    Self-Confidence is a birthright. You are the only one who can take it away from you.


Let me “Influence” your thinking about yourself and your abilities.



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