Listen to Your Inner Voices (Training Your Mind)


You have all heard yourself say, "Gee, that looks like fun, I could do that." or "That's gross, I'd never do that." or "I'm tired of doing what everyone else expects me to do, I wish I could just be myself".

 You have heard your inner voices. They say all sorts of things. Some positive and some negative. But, it never shuts up, it is constantly giving you ideas and suggestions. Most of the time you say to yourself "Ya, sure" and you forget the whole thing. But, sometimes an idea grabs you and you act on it. Then you thank yourself and say "That was a great idea". The point is that there is a constant ebb and flow of ideas floating around in your head (inner voices).

 Wouldn't it be interesting if you could control some of that creative energy and channel it into something that would benefit you in some way? You can, you know! It takes a little effort on your part. When you think about it, isn't that what all of those motivational speakers are saying? You know the people I mean, like Dale Carnegie, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, and Tom Peters. In fact when you think about it, isn't that what Oral Roberts and Billy Graham are saying too? The point is that "You can do it if you want to." In fact "You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it (let your inner voices convince you)."

 This is how the Olympic Athletes do it. They physically train their bodies to do it, and they mentally train their minds to do it as well. There isn't one winning competitor out there that says to themselves "I think I can win, and I'll sure try." The winners think "I am at my best today, right now. I have already won, I just need to compete this one more time and then I can collect the gold medal".

 Arrogant, maybe, but in order to be that best, you must think that you are the best, in fact you must know that you are the best.

 Olympic athletes spend more time training their minds than they do training their bodies. The bodies have to rest, but the mind is active all of the time.

 Let’s take a high diver for example. The diver will stand looking at the tower and think through the entire dive sequence, over and over again. He will feel the steps as he climbs the tower, he will smell the air and chlorine. He will look down at the water, think about his breathing and his timing and rhythm. He will consciously make the dive and feel every movement in the twists and turns. He will feel himself enter the water and feel the water and bubbles. He will see himself climb out of the pool and he will see a perfect score on the board. The diver will repeat the dive over and over in his mind a hundred times and then he will do it physically over and over, just the way he saw it in his mind. He may have done that same over five hundred times, but he has done it another five hundred times in his mind. By the time he is in the gold medal event, he is in top form because he has convinced his mind that he is the best in the world.

 This is an extreme example, but it illustrates the point. It is "How You Think" or "Your Attitude" that will make you a success.

 In the case of the Olympic athlete, he communicates with his subconscious mind in a positive way every waking moment, in order to help get the mind and body to work at top efficiency when he needs it to.

 You can do the same thing, maybe not to the Olympic extent, but it sure would help you bowling, baseball or golf game. All you need to do is believe you are doing better and visualize yourself doing better and you will start to do better.

 But guess what, the converse is also true. If you believe that you won't make it or you visualize yourself as failing, then most certainly you will fail.

 Why don't you try a little experiment? Pick a day, any day. At the start of the day, say "Each thing I try today will be a success". Then visualize yourself being a success. Then go ahead and do it.

 Chances are that you will be successful most of the day. Where do you think your self-esteem will be at the end of the day? Now, if this worked, you may want to try this on another day. But, be careful, you don't want to change your life too drastically.

 The bottom line is that "Your life is what your Attitude makes it".

 Listen to that inner voice, pick something you want to do, visualize yourself successful doing it, then "Just Do It". You can do it if you want to. "It's Your Choice".

 Gathering Wisdom

1. I realize that training the mind is as important as training the body. It is true that: negative thinking brings negative results, but it is also true that positive thinking brings positive results. I have tried both: consciously choosing “the negative” and carefully measuring the results. Then I consciously chose “the positive” and carefully measured the results. This experiment has proved one thing to me: I have far more success when I train my mind to think “Success”.

2. I can say “train the brain” very easily but it is not so easily done. By using your self-discipline, you can force yourself to do almost anything. But, forcing yourself to do anything implies that you don’t want to do it but you will only to please some internal logic.

3. Training your mind requires getting your priorities straight. Self-Discipline implies restricting yourself in some way. Setting your priorities does not mean that you are not allowed to do something, instead it means saying in what sequence things are to be done. Training your brain means analyzing all of your tasks so that you can get more done over a period of time without say no to any one task.

 Douglas Jones

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