Presentation (Public Speaking) Skills


Presentations are planned and at least you have some time to prepare.


Typically you will select the data you want to present

You will select the appropriate audio/visual components

You will sequence the data and its timing.

Now all you have to do is stand up in front of people and say what you have to say.


Impromptu Speaking is when someone asks you to explain something only to a group.


Typically you don’t have time to prepare and there is usually someone in the group who is superior to you, in knowledge or in management level.

The fears are that you might not explain thing accurately,

   Or that you misunderstood what you were asked for,

   Or that your mind goes completely blank and you just stand there.


In the workplace, at some point, you will be given both of these scenarios.
The common element is that you must stand-up and “Speak to an audience”.


Research shows that people fear “Public Speaking” more than death itself.


Think back on the last time you were just chatting with a friend. You had no problems expressing yourself or explaining some situation.

Why then, would you have difficulty doing the same when you are in front of a group?


The answer is simple “Fear of being Judged”.


The remedy is also simple “Learn and practice some Public Speaking Skills”.


Public Speaking is a skill like any other skill.
You learn something about it then you practice it a little.
The more you practice, the better you get.


Let me help you learn how to become "better at business presentations" and answering questions.

I can also help you speed up your learning curve and avoid some of the obvious mistakes.


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