(Five week safe, confidential, group workshop)


 First Focus:               Teaches you how to deal with "RAW" feelings and emotions such as: 

Anger, Fear, Grief, Guilt, Rejection, Loneliness, Anxiety, Frustration, Sadness, Depression 
  (Some of these feelings happen regardless of who ended the relationship or why it ended)

Second Focus:        Teaches you how to improve your skills 

      Rebuild "Trust & Self-Esteem"
Strengthen your Communication Skills
Develop Positive Relationship Attitudes

 Third Focus:        Teaches you about healthy relationships 

                                              What does a good relationship look like?

                                              What is a bad relationship?

                                              What are transitions and what can you learn from them?

                                              How do you avoid making the same mistakes again?   

Class Format:            The classes are 1 night a week for 5 weeks.

                                              Start at 7:00 pm and finish at 9:00 pm.

                                             Classes are 6 to 10 people Max.

                                             Classes are confidential (What is said in the class, stays there)

Cost:                   $165.00 

Location:           22 Wilson Road, Riverview, NB

 Next Start Dates:              Thursday evenings, June 14, 2018


Douglas Jones       386-5868 


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