"Behaviour Modification Specialist"
      Changing your "Employee Behaviours" (Thinking, Feelings, Actions)
                   Into more  "Workplace Appropriate Attitudes"

    Employee Rescue Program
                                  (Rather the "FIRING" the Employee) 


"Attitude Adjustment Coaching" forces an employee to realistically face

the "CONSEQUENCES" of his or her own "WORDS & ACTIONS" (Behaviours)

The question becomes: “Is this employee worth saving?”


“Attitude Adjustment Coaching” will produce “Employee Behaviour Modification”


 This “Attitude Adjustment Coaching” is meant to be an intense “Self-Evaluation”

·       Do I know what good and bad behaviours are and the consequences of each?

·       Are my words and actions getting the result I want?

·       Am I willing to make changes in my thoughts and actions?


Once the “Conversion in Thinking” happens, it is critical that follow-up “re-enforcement” sessions continue over the next six months to a year. (Approximately 20 hours in total)


 "Attitude Adjustment Coaching" will:


    • Establish a quality working relationship with the employee built on “Trust & Respect”

    • Teach “The Psychology of Choice” and the “Attitudes that Lead to Change”

    • Help clarify good and bad behaviours (And consequences of each)

    • Help define an appropriate action plan, timeline and commitment

    • Provide relevant suggestions based on past experiences

    • Hold the employee accountable for commitments to his/her own action plan


The employee will gain the skills to be able to:


    • Reduce disruptive behaviours

    • Learn better “People Skills”

    • Begin to adjust attitudes

    • Strengthen “Tolerance and Self-discipline”

    • Begin to review “consequences” before choosing actions


It is a well-established statistic that says:

"It costs three times an employee’s salary to replace that employee".  


A strategic investment in an employee’s well-being will bring significant dividends in terms of
“Trust, Respect and overall Company Morale”.

The company wins big by helping an employee to “Learn and Change”.

  I will change their thinking: (I Guarantee it)

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