To be “Trusted”, you must show that you are willing to “Trust” other people.

You are being watched every moment of every day. People are listening to you what you say and evaluating your thinking. They watch your actions and judge only what they can see. They can’t see what your reasons are so they will make assumptions about you motivations.

You are judging other people in the same way and you are making the same type of assumptions.

It is the assumptions that you should be wary about. Are you a pessimist or are you an optimist? Do you see the bad first or do you see the good first?

Trust seems to be an “All or Nothing” thing. Either you trust or you don’t”. But really, Trust is a choice.

“I will not trust you until you give me a reason to trust you”. This attitude is obvious to all around you. If this is your attitude then you will never be trusted. This is a case of “You get what you give”. Live with it!

"I will completely trust you until you give me a reason not to trust you." If this is your attitude, then make you actions reflect your attitude.

You have heard the old saying: “Attitude is everything”. Well, this is how you “Earn Trust”.

Show this attitude in all of your dealing with people and they will respond in kind.

Douglas Jones


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