Douglas L. Jones , MA, RTC, CPEC,  DTM     Eagle Feather
   Certified Coach, Author, Trainer and Public Speaker
                   I “Influence” people’s thinking

My Credentials:

  • Master’s degree in Adult Education
  • Certified to “Practice and Teach” Behavioural Psychology in the workplace (William Glasser Institute, Los Angeles, Ca)
  • Certified “Personal & Executive Coach” Through College of Executive Coaching (San Diego, Ca)
  • Certified as a Master Public Speaker – Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM)
  • Certified by John Maxwell as a Leadership Coach, Trainer & Speaker
  • Given an Eagle Feather” (Symbol of Integrity Respect & Wisdom) by the Sun Dance Chief of Elsipogtog First Nations
    The Eagle Feather is the highest Honor a white man can receive from a First Nations Native
              I am truly grateful

 My Contact Information

Douglas Jones
22 Wilson Road
Riverview, NB  Canada
E1B 2V8
(506) 386-5868

My Experience:

I have over 30 years of experience in coaching executives, managers and valued employees of mid-size and national companies.
I have found that executives and managers do not value workplace the soft-skills (People Skills).
Therefore they have not developed them within their employees or themselves.
This has proven that the biggest problem in the businesses is: “poor workplace relationships” between managers and employees.
I have also found that executives and managers do not understand “Leadership”, mainly because it too is a people skill.
Most of my work now is focussed on teaching executives and managers how to “Empower” their employees and themselves.
This is why I make the claim: “I Influence People’s Thinking”.

 I can change People’s Thinking
         (I Guarantee it)

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