The “Art” of influencing “Employee Attitudes & Behaviours”

“Attitude Adjustment Coaching” 

Most companies have at least one “valued employee” who exhibits one or more of these behaviours

  • Want to always be in control
  • Does only the bare minimum
  • Disruptive in teams or meetings
  • Bullies other people
  • Constantly Negative
  • Challenging to authority
  • Is rude and condescending
  • Has no ambition
  • Can’t get along with people
  • Is Arrogant or aggressive
  • Uses inappropriate touching, language or behaviours
  • Thinks: “I’m so good that the companies can’t afford to lose me”

It will cost you three times that person’s yearly salary to replace that person.

What if you could get them to change their “Thinking, Words and Actions”?

“Attitude Adjustment Coaching” forces an employee to realistically face the
“CONSEQUENCES” of his or her own “WORDS & ACTIONS” (Behaviours)

What if for an investment of only one month of their salary, you could get a whole new person?

As an “Attitude Adjustment Coach” I will completely turn your employee’s attitude around.

 I can change People’s Thinking
         (I Guarantee it)

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