Just plain “Unacceptable” in the workplace

“Attitude Adjustment Coaching” forces an employee to realistically
face the “CONSEQUENCES” of his or her own “WORDS & ACTIONS”

One-On-One Coaching
Helping clarify “Good and Bad” behaviours (And consequences of each)

        “Attitude Adjustment Coaching” will:
             • Establish a quality working relationship with the employee built on “Trust & Respect”
             • Teach “The Psychology of Choice” and the “Attitudes that Lead to Change”
             • Help clarify good and bad behaviours (And consequences of each)
             • Help define an appropriate action plan, timeline and commitment
             • Provide relevant suggestions based on past experiences
             • Hold the employee accountable for commitments to his/her own action plan

      The employee will gain the skills to be able to:
             • Reduce disruptive behaviours
             • Learn better “People Skills”
             • Begin to adjust attitudes
             • Strengthen “Tolerance and Self-discipline”
             • Begin to review “consequences” before choosing actions

 I can change People’s Thinking
         (I Guarantee it)

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