Social Abilities

Do your Employees have the “Social Abilities” that your company relies on?

Most of your employees have the physical and technical skills they need to do the job you want them to do.
This will ensure that your company will be able to successfully produce the products or services that make you a unique business.
The next step is to supply your employees with all the tools and resources they need to do the job.

That is the technical side of your employees and your business.
(Weather you are an owner or in Management)

Here are some questions you may want to ask:

  1. Do your employees get along with each other?
  2. Are there conflicts?
  3. Do conflicts keep happening?
  4. What effect does this have on productivity and morale?
  5. Is “workplace collaboration” effected?
  6. Are there resentments building up?
  7. Do your employees get along with your customers and suppliers?
  8. What attitudes do your customers or suppliers see?
  9. Do they feel that they are your top priority?
  10. Do they feel valued?
  11. Do your employees feel valued?
  12. Do they feel trusted and respected?
  13. Is each employee acknowledged for their contribution?
  14. Do your employees want to contribute more?

If the answer to any of these questions causes you any concern, then you might benefit by looking at the “Social Abilities” of your Management and staff.

“Like it or not” your business is dependent of the “Social Abilities” of your employees.

There are two problems.

  1. “Social Abilities” are not taught in schools or universities
  2. For years business has said: “Don’t bring your social life to work”

In the business world, “Social Abilities” are limited to and disguised as sales and marketing techniques.

What is needed now is to identify “Social Abilities” as an integral part of the business process and train employees as though this was a required technical skill.

“Social Abilities” require an understanding of behavioural psychology and a communication process that will help “Influence” the people around you.

In very simple terms, this means:

“Understanding people’s actions” and

“Asking for clarification of people’s thinking”

The purpose of this presentation is to say that: There is a simple and easy way to strengthen your Management and staff’s “Social Abilities”. It doesn’t take that long and it is not that expensive. Your investment in strengthening the “Social Abilities” of your employees will bring extensive dividends and long term profitability.

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